Clouds and Tiny Peeps

A gray day filled with color.  Thought I would practice clouds, want to pay more attention to my skies.

6×8″, $150

4 Responses to “Clouds and Tiny Peeps”

  1. While your cloulds are beautiful, what catches my eye are the perfectly executed waves! Isn’t it amazing when you can get that effect with one swipe of the brush or knife? Well done!

  2. Cynthia Tracy Says:

    Hi, Carol! It’s been a long time! I’m so glad that I’m on your email list. I just LOVE this painting! Is it still for sale? If so, I would like to buy it! Please let me know. I hope that you are well. I’m not on FB anymore so I feel really out of touch. Fondly, Cynthia Tracy

  3. Cynthia Tracy Says:

    I love everything about this painting: the clouds, the waves and the reflection of the walkers on the wet sand. I especially like the way the peoples’ colorful clothing contrast with the softer palette of the rest of the painting. I’d like to purchase this painting.

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