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Carol Meyer Novato, California
Carol always felt like an artist growing up but it wasn’t until 1993 that she finally got serious about her art. “I know many artists feel like they were always an artist, and I did all sorts of arts and crafts growing up. The first portrait I drew was in the 4th grade. The subject was a friend of mine and it turned out amazing. Ever since then I’ve loved doing portraits because they are so hard to do. I also do landscapes and still life, but when I am successful at a portrait I feel so rewarded.”
Mostly she does her portrait paintings
while having the person model for her,
but she will do them from photos also. “I
like doing them when the person models
because you can capture the life of the
person. It doesn’t always happen that way with a photograph.”
With her husband’s support, Carol began taking workshops and classes to focus on the learning. “I really wanted to learn the ‘Theory of color’; it comes from the painting master Monet and it’s a legacy through the French impressionists to the American impressionists. What people see differently in my work is that use of colors. I pay so much attention and use those learned skills in my work. I paint the color of the light instead of focusing on the subject itself.”
With her style of using color, Carol has a pallet full of warm and cool version of most colors. “I’m so inspired by how the light interacts with the subject, but it’s also nice when the subject itself is pretty. To me it’s really all about the light, although if I had to pick a favorite subject besides portraits it would be flowers. They are a little easier as you don’t have to focus on the anatomy like you would with a model. They are also a nice change of pace for me and my go to subject when I’m not feeling inspired. I’ll do several still life or figure paintings, then go do some flowers, it’s a fun thing for me.”
Artists Culture
For the size of her work, it really depends on how long she will spend painting. “I usually paint around 3 hours at a time because when I’m doing landscapes that is how long you have before the light changes and you have to stop. So the three hours of painting has become a habit for me. People have suggested making larger pieces and I do want to create that more narrative scene, so I am inching up to it, but I think that I may suffer from a short attention span.”
Carol believes that most artists are never really completely happy with their finished piece or willing to call one a master piece, but she does believe that it would be a good discipline to create more.
“I think it would be great to paint large pieces with a group of models together with the scene to create that narrative piece. I don’t try to make a grand statement or anything like that, but I do want people to get a pleasant feeling when they see my work.”
While she focuses a lot of her time on creating art, she also spends a lot of time teaching. “I give workshops at North Bay Art Works here in Novato and at Riley’s Art Supply in San Rafael teaching figure or portrait painting.”
To see more of Carol’s work visit:
Carol will also be participating in the Marin Open Studios May 2, 3rd – 9,10th. She is #256 in the M.O.S guide.


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Jane, wonderful artist and friend, is on the other side of the easel this time.
16×12, oil.

Birthday Orange

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Just a simple orange on my birthday. 6×6″, oil.

Valentine Tulips

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Brought these into the class as a possible set up. Raced to paint them in between teaching and tulips drooping due to warm spot light. 10×8″, oil on linen panel.

Las Gallinas Creek

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Saturday, I painted with our Marin Group at Las Gallinas Sanitation District area, in San Rafael.
11,14″, oil on linen panel.DSC02407

Dog Park

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Petaluma Dog Park.  Fun day painting with Camille.

9×12″ oil on linen panel.DSC02424

Blonde Dread Locks

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Last night’s figure session at Marin Society of Artists.  14×11″, oil on linen panel.DSC02339


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